10 Jada Pinkett Smith Standout Red Carpet Beauty Moments
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With all the talk about Issa Rae redeveloping the cult classic Set It Off, we’re getting excited about the thought of seeing Stony, Cleo, Frankie, and Tisean take what’s theirs and not wait to see if some man will hand it to them. We’re also getting excited about all the red carpet moments where we’ll get to see the original cast and their new counterparts sprinkle Black girl magic all over Hollywood, especially Jada Pinkett Smith. She was the only one of the four heist queens to live at the end of the original movie so we’re expecting a role reprisal.

As she turns 48 today, she reminds us why the phrase ageless beauties was coined. On her social media platforms, we’re used to getting a glimpse at her natural side, with photos featuring a Jada in little to no makeup, her dewy skin showcased. Her skin is worthy of an award, making us ever-aware that makeup is the bonus and the canvas it’s painted on means everything.

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But in case anyone ever forgets, the actress, mother, wife, singer, and entrepreneur can set it off on a red carpet at any given moment. In just the past year alone she’s given us hair and makeup looks to further solidify her legacy. Her signature close cut complements any bold or subtle lip, smoky eye, or bronzed cheek. And when she switches it up with braids or a headwrap, she’s still laid and slayed, looking every bit the Stony of 1996.

So in celebration of her big day and our hunger for this remake, we’re taking a look at 10 recent times Jada Pinkett Smith set the red carpet ablaze with her beauty and ever youthful looks.


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