The Most Beautiful Black Women Rocking Bold Lipstick 

Happy National Lipstick Day! Pucker up -- it's time to paint your pretty pouts and celebrate in our favorite lippie shades. We rounded up some of the most beautiful black women on Instagram rocking their favorite lipsticks to get you in inspired. Check them out! 

1 of 37 @beautybylee/instagram

Wine is definitely a winning color on @beautybylee.

2 of 37 @allthingsbee/instagram

This is a berry-beautiful color on @allthingsbee.

3 of 37 @asante_artistry/instagram

A glossy red lip is always a good idea! Bravo, @asante_artistry.

4 of 37 @foreign_curves/Instagram

It's soft and subtle for @foreign_curves.

5 of 37 @beatifl33blue/instagram

Hot look! Right on, @beatifl33blue!

6 of 37 @annaebiere/instagram

These retro chic look is perfect, @annaebiere!

7 of 37 @1simplyounique/instagram

Loving this coral lippie on @1simplyounique!

8 of 37 @brosiaaa/instagram

Try an unexpected color like @brosiaaa did!

9 of 37 @blackizbeautiful/instagram

Bold and beautiful, @blackizbeautiful!

10 of 37 @famouslyfoxy/instagram

This color is peachy keen, @famouslyfoxy.

11 of 37 @golden_o_me/instagram

Way to get edgy, @golden_o_me!

12 of 37 @chasitysaunders/Instagram

Flower child realness from @chasitysaunders.

13 of 37 @jaidotfoot/instagram

@jaidotfoot's got a dope lip with an attitude to match.

14 of 37 @kaylianebeauty/instagram

Purple reign via @kaylianebeauty's sick look.

15 of 37 @jessicapettway/instagram

It's lovely electric lavender lips for @jessicapettway.

16 of 37 @Golden_xo/instagram

This cool color goes perfectly with @Golden_xo's coils.

17 of 37 @iamdaphnepaul/instagram

Orange crushing on @iamdaphnepaul's lips!

18 of 37 @kelawalker/instagram

@kelawalker is summertime ready fo sho!

19 of 37 @makeupbynina/instagram

20 of 37 @makeupbyshalom/instagram

This lipstick and hair combination is too cool, @makeupbyshalom!

21 of 37 @marihsantosss/instagram

There is nothing mellow about @marihsantosss' yellow!

22 of 37 @missafrazier/instagram

Pastels are major key for the summertime. Thanks for reminding us, @missafrazier!

23 of 37 @mayagoldenberg/instagram

Stunning, @mayagoldenberg!

24 of 37 @misslionhunter/instagram

Everything about this look is on point, @misslionhunter!

25 of 37 @missylynn/instagram

@missylynn you're such a classic beauty!

26 of 37 @msdanti/instagram

Moody and magnificent, @msdanti!

27 of 37 @msvaughntv/instagram

This color is a lot of fun -- @msvaughntv's face says it all!

28 of 37 @naturalllabsnl/instagram

Curls + sunglasses + hot pink lip + @naturalllabsnl = Magic!

29 of 37 @naturallygg/instagram

A double dose of dope thanks to @naturallygg!

30 of 37 @roima_b/instagram

Sunshine kissed on deck, courtesy of @roima_b.

31 of 37 @ronkeraji/instagram

Major hair and a major lip to match! Very nice, @ronkeraji!

32 of 37 @themariaantoitnette/instagram

One word: Perfection. Bravo, @themariaantoitnette!

33 of 37 @ulovemegz/instagram

@ulovemegz can't help but smile looking like this!

34 of 37 @Tremiyya/instagram

Adding this pink lip to ur must-have list, @Tremiyya!

35 of 37 @vidathediva40/instagram

Bam! Looking gorgeous, @vidathediva40!

36 of 37 @youngastyle/instagram

On the move and looking cool, @youngastyle!

37 of 37 @alissa.ashley/instagram

Cute and kissable, @alissa.ashley!


# Makeup


# Makeup