Why Ciara Is The Perfect Spokeswoman For A Beauty Brand

It was only a matter of time before Ciara joined forces with a well renowned beauty brand like Revlon. Beyond her undeniable expertise in the fashion department, the singer and newlywed has always delivered equally amazing beauty moments. Be it on a red carpet, vacation destination or random off duty moment with family, Cici displays hair and makeup goals pretty much anytime she takes a picture. Case in point: we've grown accustomed to perusing her Instagram for inspiration to step up our makeup game. Once you've done the same, you'll quickly realize why she's one of our favorite beauty queens. See some of our favorite candid moments from Ciara below. 

Nikki Brown Oct, 20, 2016

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She knows the power of a '70s glam beauty moment. 

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She looks fierce, even when she's bare faced. 

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Cici is no stranger to slaying in red lipstick. 

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Her side profile is flawless. 

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Her hair game is also on point. 

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Even when she's off duty, she slays the beauty game. 

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Ciara clearly knows how to work her angles. 

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She's never been afraid of the camera lens. Gorgeous! 

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Yes, we can still see the beauty slay through the shades! 

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No matter the accessory, Ciara's beauty shines through. 

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A megawatt smile certainly helps when you're the face of a beauty brand. 

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Ciara's gorgeous face is the perfect canvas for Revlon makeup. 

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With every high ensemble comes an equally stunning beauty look. 

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Cute hairstyle? Check. Fierce makeup? Check. 

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No matter the season, Ciara is ready to slay!