14 Black Beauty Vloggers You Need to Follow Now For Major Beauty Inspo
loliputa/Getty Images

Within the beauty community, YouTube has become the number one source for reviews and application tips. Before consumers spend their hard earned coins on a product, they want to see the influencers (who oftentimes get PR boxes), try the goodies out beforehand.

This is especially true for women of color, as some makeup brands continue to miss the mark when it comes to creating products with enough shades and formulas that complement black skin. If you’re ever looking for an awesome woman of color to review a product or show you how to make your melanin glow, look no further than this list of beauties to give you the real deal on all things beauty.

Jackie Aina

Jackie is known for giving the real tea when it comes to beauty, and has used her platform to call out brands for not creating shade ranges for chocolate girls. Jackie has been a consultant for many brands on how to expand their range and how to reach out to Black women.

Nyma Tang

Nyma amassed a cult following when she reviewed Fenty Beauty’s deepest shade and gave it an excellent review. Since then, her channel has been a go-to for women with darker complexions wanting to find shades and companies that work for their skin tone.

Shameless Maya

Known for her comedic commentary and easy makeup tutorials, Maya gives her followers videos that are both entertaining and informative. From hair to makeup, Maya is a guru on all things beauty.

Bri Hall

Bri is the queen of switching up her looks, so if you’re interested in experimenting with different hair and makeup styles then her channel is definitely for you. Whether it’s a short cut, long tresses, natural makeup, or full-on glam, Bri has a video that can show you how to slay it.

Nellie Robert

Nellie is here to give you the glam looks you’ve always wanted. Breaking them down and making the tutorial easy to follow, you’ll master the cut crease, perfect brows, and ombre lips in no time.


Fran is here to make beauty easy and simple. From her DIY beauty tips to showing her fitness routine to chronicling her natural hair journey, Fran shows you how to get it together from the inside out. Aside from beauty, she’s also pretty inspiring for your everyday struggles and gives some positive affirmations.

Cydee Black

Cydee is a MAC makeup artist who teaches her followers how to create gorgeous looks for melanated skin. On top of the slayage, she also gives hair tutorials, especially those on how to create natural looks with wigs and weave.

Patricia Bright 

This U.K.-based vlogger has been in the YouTube game for quite some time. Her hilarious makeup reviews will surley keep you watching and entertained. 

Makeup Shayla 

Tune into Shayla’s channel for reviews of the latest makeup brands and trends. She also switches it up and talks about working out and healthy living. 

Destiny Lashae Makeup 

Destiny tests the products you’ve always wondered about trying but were too scared to purchase. From palettes on Amazon to DIY beauty hacks, she brings you the real and doesn’t hold anything back.


Both a beauty and natural hair blogger, Alyssa’s followers come to her for pretty and glam looks that they can rock everyday or for a night out. She also loves to inspire people so you can always catch a positive word on her channel.

Arnell Armon

Arnell is known for giving amazing hair tutorials: from working with natural hair to how slaying wigs. She is also known for her natural but very glam looks. Fun fact: she has a twin sister who also is a beauty YouTuber as well.

Shalom Blac

Shalom’s experience as burn survivor has shaped the narrative for her beauty outlook. Using makeup to transform her scars, she is very transparent and candid about the struggles many of us face about our insecurities and self-perceived “flaws.”

She’kia Renea

Giving you quick and easy hairstyles, check out She’kia’s channel if you’re into trying out new and fresh hairstyles. With an abundance of tutorials, you’re sure to find a look for whatever mood you may be in.