We fell in love with Brooke and Layne’s bridal bliss the moment we laid eye son the fabulous wedding photos. Just from first glance, three things were clear: They’re adorable together. They have style for days, and they didn’t skip a single details.

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Even though Layne, who’s in the military, is currently stationed overseas, he still made time to sit down with his beautiful wife Brooke to give us all of the behind the scenes secrets that made their magical Miami wedding day come true. Starting with whether or not we have the bride or groom to thank for all of those jaw-droppingly unique wedding weekend details they had that really got folks talking. You know, like a live champagne lady serving their guests champagne from her dress at their wedding reception or their super cool venue with video mapping. They landed on The Temple House because of its sleek all-white outdoor terrace space and breathtaking waterfall.

The couple, affectionately nicknamed BROLO, originally went to high school together but reconnected via social media years later. Layne went on to propose to his longtime love Brooke on a ferris wheel.

See their beautiful wedding photos here and go inside Brooke and her military hubby Layne’s one-of-a-kind Miami wedding day, with our fun new wedding video series.


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