When it comes to going viral, nothing garners shares and Insta-fame, like a cute baby. And a daddy and daughter duo from Drexel Hill, Pennsylvania have gone viral after an Instagram video surfaced of them watching a basketball game together.

The video was posted to Instagram by wife and mom Kimberley Tuller, and shows her husband, Jarell Tuller, and their daughter, Amara Sanaa, enjoying a game together, ABC reports. Hilarity ensues when the little girl starts to mimic her father.

“Awhh foul man!” yelled the baby girl after her dad finished shouting at the refs on TV.

Jarell is super invested in the game while Amara Sanaa studies all of his lively reactions to the game on the air. 

“Come on man,” Jarell says to the TV. “Come on!”

The Tuller’s daughter then repeats after him the best she can, “come on!”

“These 2 are inseparable,” Kimberley wrote in the video’s caption.

Here’s to this family landing their own Denny’s commercial like the last one.


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