As Black women, we know that acne so doesn’t begin and end with the pimple. Most of us get dark brown spots where the zit used to be–the technical term for this annoying phenomenon is “hyperpigmentation.” And while there are tons of zit-zappers on drugstore shelves, the products formulated to lighten our dark spots are usually super-expensive and hard to find. Not so, anymore! Clean & Clear’s brand-new Advantage 2-in-1 Acne and Mark Eraser Kit $29.99) was created to treat both acne and hyperpigmention! The easy to use, four-piece kit comes with a Breakout Erasing Cleanser, a powerful, benzoyl peroxide formula; Daily Protecting Moisture SPF 15, which helps shield skin from the sun (overexposure makes hyperpigmentation worse); Nightly Mark Clearing Lotion, a dual-action moisturizer that clears zits and prevents scarring; and Mark Erasing Spot Treatment, which help erase dark marks. Scoring beautiful skin has never been so easy… Read More: