In ‘crazy, but true’ news, six Newark, NJ-area women have been hospitalized for infections due to black market butt implants. Over the past two months, a super-shady doctor has been luring women to hotels around the Newark area to administer the rump-plumping procedure. New Jersey Health Department officials believe that the doc has been injecting the women with a homemade mixture consisting of silicone, petroleum jelly, and hardware-grade caulk. Not surprisingly, the bootleg operations inevitably landed the six women–all of whom were from the Dominican Republic–in local emergency rooms with serious infections (a hospital source says that the victim’s backsides resembled “moonscapes filled with lumps and craters”, according to Listen, we admire Beyonce and J. Lo’s glorious bums, too, but black market butt implants? Really? What ever happened to squats…or at the very least, silicone-padded panties? Ladies, we have to ask…what’s the furthest you’ve ever gone for beauty? Read More: