Look More Than Just ‘Fine’

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Sam Fine, legendary makeup artist to Vanessa Williams, Queen Latifah, Tyra Banks and Iman, launched his debut instructional DVD with the help of close friends and longtime clients at the Warren-Tricomi Salon at the Plaza. ESSENCE.com attended this star-studded event. Get the scoop on how one man is empowering women of color through makeup artistry.

ESSENCE.COM: Your DVD is called “Basics of Beauty.” How would you define your ABC’s of beauty?

SAM FINE: The ABC’s of beauty are simple: groomed eyebrows/removing any unwanted facial hair, foundation or powder to perfect the canvas, bronzer to add luminosity, mascara to bring definition to the eyes and lip liner and
lipstick or gloss to add a supple texture and color to the lips. These products are the basics in which to build a simple, glamorous look.

ESSENCE.COM: What three things should every woman strive to achieve when it comes to enhancing one’s own natural beauty?

FINE: The three most important things every woman should strive to achieve are…

1) A Groomed Brow–Most women are concerned with elaborate eye shadow application, but a simple, groomed brow not only opens and lifts the eye, but clears the way for any eye shadow application to follow.
2) A Flawless Canvas–Choosing a foundation to suit your specific needs helps to unite varied tones. If you don’t use foundation, then powder is a must! Using a pressed or loose powder helps to alleviate shine and makes the complexion appear more consistent in color and texture!
3) A Glowing Complexion–This is very different than creating a “flawless canvas.” Using a dusting of bronzer on the outer perimeter of the face – forehead, nearest the hairline–and onto cheeks, adds warmth and richness to the complexion. After applying bronzer, simply use a peach shade of blush on cheeks for a subtle “pop” of color.

ESSENCE.COM: What do you hope women will gain from watching your DVD?

FINE: I hope women gain a greater understanding of cosmetic product, formula and application…and the endless possibilities that makeup can provide! I also hope that it will change the perception that makeup will make you look fake! There are various techniques that I demonstrate in the DVD that help to create a beautiful, natural look.

ESSENCE.COM: The DVD provides step by step tips on makeup application techniques. What makeup tools should be in every woman’s beauty bag to help them with the application process?

The products you use will dictate what tools you need, however…
1) Tweezers are important to own (slanted tips are my favorite), whether you’re grooming your own brows or removing a few stray hairs between visits to your beauty professional. 
2) Latex sponges or a synthetic hair foundation brush help foundation glide across the skin… but don’t be afraid to use your fingers, especially in those hard-to-reach areas such as underneath eyes and around the nose.
3) When applying loose or pressed powder, use a large powder brush for a soft, diffused application.
4) A large powder brush is also perfect to apply bronzer (but you’ll need a separate brush from you’re loose powder brush, because you don’t want to mix the two).  
5) Instead of using those tiny blush brushes that come with the product, invest in a blush brush! A blush brush is simply a smaller version of the large powder brush. This small fluffy brush ensures that you won’t have a streaky application of color on cheeks.
6) I know it’s easier to apply lipstick from the tube, but a lip brush is key to achieving flawless coverage and layering gloss beautifully

ESSENCE.COM: How does your DVD encourage women who feel they don’t have the time or know-how to properly apply makeup to want to experiment with their own beauty?

FINE: Writing about makeup, products and proper application is one thing, but watching it being applied step-by-step is another! Watching “The Basics of Beauty” DVD encourages women to realize how a simple a dab of concealer can change the shape of the eye… to understand how a well-defined brow opens and lifts the eye… to grasp why lip liner and lipstick blend to make an effortless-looking, sexy lip statement. The DVD makes you want to pick up a product (or two, or three) and learn, play and enjoy makeup!

To purchase the “FINE: The Basics of Beauty DVD,” $24, visit Samfine.com and Amazon.com.