Let’s face it ladies: getting our hair done is a serious matter. We want to go in and come out looking amazing! However, there are some occasions when you get that hairstylist that talks a bit too much. Or (from a stylists’ point of view) maybe you get that client that always wants to rush you.

Celebrity hairstylist Derek J. (owner of The J Spot in Atlanta, GA) has seen it all! (Yes, you know him as that fabulous hairstylist from ‘Good Hair’ that can style your hair while working it in fabulous pair of heels!) We caught up with him in-between hair shows to get a little tutorial in salon etiquette.

Tip One
“Ladies, when you go into the salon for the first time, explain what you want to the hairstylist but don’t hound me. Let me do me, boo. Most of the time when you’re dealing with a hairstylist you’ll get your money’s worth if you just let me do do what I need to do. Leave your hair to the stylists’ discretion.”

Tip Two
“Don’t come into the salon on a time schedule. Your emergency is not my priority.”

Tip Three
“Clients need to understand that hair stylists have their own lives. We do get sick and we do get tired. Please keep that in mind.”

Tip Four
“This one is for the hair stylists: work on your appearance. You have people coming to you. You can’t walk around and say you’re a hairstylist if your hair is jacked up. Black hairstylists are like stars themselves and you have to put a little bit of investment into yourself to make that happen.”

Tip Five
“Stylists, be better at time management. You should be able to get your clients in and out and still do a good job.”

Tip Six
“Always remember your clients names.”

Tip Seven
“Remember, there is a time and a place for everything. [We] need to be better business people. My salon isn’t snooty at all, but remember that you can’t be cursing and talking about sex around everyone. Clients appreciate that when you know their positions in life and when you know what they don’t want to hear. “

“Tip Eight
Find a healthy balance of conversation. There are some stylists out there that just don’t shut up. This can also go the other way. Hairstylists, don’t be afraid to turn away a client or refer them to another stylist if it’s not working for you. I do it all the time!”

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