Count us among the millions who were charmed to death by exuberant sprinter Usain Bolt’s record-breaking 4×100 relay sprint at the Bejing Olympics. His dynamic presence wasn’t lost on the suits at Puma either–they’ve just tapped the Jamaica native to be the face of their new fragrance, Puma Animagical Man, which hits shelves this June. A woodsy, floral blend of Cape Town freesia, South African Tamboti wood, and chocolate, the scent is being positioned as part of an overall African-themed campaign for Puma’s fashion brand. A corresponding Puma Animagical Woman scent will also be introduced, and both will include a coordinating lotion, deodorant and shower gel. “Feeling good and confident with myself is very important to me both in my everday life and as well as on track,” Bolt told Women’s Wear Daily. “Being the face of Animagical, I have the opportunity to show a different side of me.” We can’t wait to see that side! Read More: