We are so loving celebrity makeup artist Scott Barnes right now (and not just because he created Nia Long’s gorgeous November cover look). With the publication of “Skin Deep: Amazing Transformations Using the Secrets of the Top Makeup Artist” ($25), Barnes has combined two of our favorite things–coffee table books and makeovers. The gorgeous, 250-page beauty bible is filled with “real woman” beauty transformations, as well as looks he created for his favorite celeb devotees, including Julianne Moore, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Jennifer Lopez (Barnes is responsible for turning the fair-skinned Fly Girl into a sun-kissed, bronze goddess in the late ’90s). Thankfully, the book includes instructions for achieving the looks at home, but if you need extra help, check out Barnes’ award-winning makeup line–especially Body Bling, a downright addictive body bronzing gel.