You know how, in beauty ads, models and celebs always have those perfectly airbrushed, too-good-to-be-true complexions? And you think, no real woman could have ever skin that flawless? Well, it’s time to revise that sentiment, because Lancome Oscillation PowerFoundation ($48)–the very first “micro-vibrating” foundation ever–truly gets you there. Here’s how it works: You dip the velvety applicator in the powder foundation, press a tiny button, and the applicator vibrates 7000 per minute (it’s hummingbird-gentle, so you barely feel it). The massaging movement helps break down the powder over your skin, buffing it to a seamless, feather-lite finish. Also, since it’s a mineral formula, the foundation is super sheer, so each of the twelve shades actually work on a variety of skin tones. Get ready for your close up! Read More: