Makeup Moment of the Week: The Eyes Have It

Glow in glitter this season in show-stopping eye colors like your favorite stars

Glamour now means glitter-and Black Hollywood’s brightest stars are showing off the look on both the red carpet and the big screen. Take note and create some sparkling cinematic moments of your own. And if you think you’re too grown for glitter, think again-this striking statement is for ladies first! If you add just one glitter hit to your cosmetic wardrobe, make it eye shadow. Use subtly shimmering hues that complement your complexion by day, then mix and match with darker, shinier formulas for added seduction at night. We love Bare Escentuals Extreme Glimmers Kit ($32, Sephora.com).






This limited edition eye color collection boasts silver, plum and bronze-all shades that reflect fabulously off many African-American skin tones. It’s glitter galore this season, so get the glow you deserve.