If you’ve been looking for a new holiday tradition, you can stop right here because we have found it. Brunch is a festive and fun way to spend the day making merry with friends and family. 

To plan this holiday party, we went straight to The Kitchenista herself, Angela Davis. This self-taught recipe developer takes food to the next level in her blog, KitchenistaDiaries.com and now brings you a brunch that will have guests raising a glass to the host with these top menu pairings.

Start Strong. Skip the cheese and crackers for this gathering. Immediately get your guests’ attention with an appetizer cup that features spicy shrimp and grits—it’s savory, satisfying and will leave them wanting more. For the next course, bring out a salad bowl that is filled with surprising elements. Toss baby kale, avocado, grapefruit, fennel, dried cranberries and pecans with a citrus honey vinaigrette for a sweet and tangy experience.

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Set out a Spread. Create an inviting display for your main course by featuring three serving stations. Place pastries, biscuits and croissants on one three-tiered tray and put cheese, fresh berries and chocolate covered strawberries on another. Then, use a cake stand to serve a smoked salmon frittata, garnished with caviar and creme fraiche. There is something special for everyone to enjoy. 

Signature Sips. Serve up a specialty cocktail this season, like this colorful and festive KORBEL Cranberry Mimosa. Angela suggests filling classic Champagne glasses with cranberry juice and KORBEL Sweet Rosé. Made from both red and white grapes, this Rosé has bright fruit flavors and aromas of raspberry and vanilla that really pop with the cranberry for a more modern mimosa. Garnish with sugared cranberries and rosemary sprigs for a truly toast-worthy drink. And if you want a tropical twist, try a Guava Mimosa also made with KORBEL Sweet Rosé. This holiday season, and any season, please enjoy responsibly.

For more brunch ideas and new ways to make the moment gold this season, visit Korbel.com/brunch.