We’ve always been secretly fascinated by celebrity mug shots in a “can’t take your eyes off a train wreck” kind of way. Hairdresser Kaylin Ransom is no celeb, but her mug shot might be the most fascinating of all. The 22-year-old Ocala, Florida resident is under a plea deal for felony battery and child abuse that forces her to spend each weekend behind bars at Lake County Jail — and when she checks in every Friday afternoon, Ransom has to take a new mug shot. Here’s the kicker: she preps for her weekly pic by getting her hair, nails and makeup done, in a major, major way. In her 28 mug shots, she sports a variety of elaborate lacefront wigs, extensions, false lashes and a Sephora-worthy array of lipgloss shades. Now, we’re all about looking our fiercest in pictures, but this is truly out of control!  Check out Kaylin Ransom’s glamour shots — whoops, mug shots — and let us know what you think in the comments section!