EMF 2011: Jill Scott Playlist

Jam Session

Happy Monday ladies! Not only is the first day of summer this week, but so is the release of Jill Scott’s new album “The Light of the Sun”! Honestly, we can’t wait and to tide us over we’ve been combing through Jill’s catalogue to keep us until her new record drops. Want to join our Summer Stroll with Jill? Of course you do! Let’s start with “Shame,” someone hand us our sequin gown please?

“Shame” featuring Eve and the A Group

We want a trumpet and a trampoline immediately. That or a sequined dress thanks to Jill’s “Shame” featuring the A Group and Eve. Thanks!


Get a bike, go for a walk, take a zumba class, anything that gets your blood pumping and proves that you’re really living your life like it’s “Golden.”


From the infectious beat to the adorable babies, Jill’s “Gimme” is a great wake-up song. Sock it me, sock it to me, sock it to me!

“I’m Not Afraid”

Sometimes we must be brave and thankfully, Jill has made this “I’m Not Afraid” jam as a pep talk. Between this and Oprah’s two-part “Master Class” on OWN, we’ll be alright.

“Spring Summer Feeling”

As a summer stroll song, this cut needs no explanation.

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“A Long Walk”

“A Long Walk” is the official song to listen to with your boo after a sunny afternoon in the park.

“Gotta Get Up”

We don’t know about you, but some day’s it’s really difficult to talk yourself into that morning commute. But if we want to be fierce, fun and fabulous, then we “Gotta Get Up” and pay our dues, right?

“Hate on Me”

Is someone trying to ruin your day with their bad energy? Don’t do anything this rash, just play Jill’s “Hate On Me” and regain your composure. You can do it, we believe.

“Love Rain” featuring Mos Def

One of our favorites from Jill’s first album “Who Is Jill Scott?” featuring the adorable Mos Def.

“So in Love” featuring Anthony Hamilton

Here’s Ms. Scott’s second single from her new album “The Light of the Sun” starring Southern gent, Anthony Hamilton. How can you not do a little summer stroll to this jam?