We’ve always been way into strong, bold brows. So when an unnamed ESSENCE.com editor tweezed her arches until they were tadpole-esque commas — she was understandably mortified!

Thus, we had to call on major celeb makeup artist, Sam Fine, for help (check out his bestselling new video, ‘The Basics of Beauty’ for more how-tos). Check out the makeup man’s dos and don’ts for coaxing your brows into Beyonce-worthy shape — without making them look artificial.

DO step away from the tweezers if it’s 3am!

DON’T use brow powders — they can give your arches a heavy, artificial look.

DO fill in holes or sparse brows with a brow pencil, one shade lighter than your hair color.

DON’T use harsh strokes when filling-in brows. Instead, use short, feathery strokes that mimic hair.

DO create more dimension by using both the lighter pencil and one that’s the same shade as your hair color.

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