It’s inevitable — when the weather heats up, skirts get shorter, tops get barer and bikinis get teenier. Which spells trouble if you’re skin’s dry and ash-prone! We recently got an email from a reader asking about that very thing:

“I live in Arizona, and my skin is always dry — especially around my knees, feet and hands. It’s so hot here, but I always want to cover up! Regular lotions don’t seem to help. Thoughts?” — Janice, 28

Here’s a fabulous trick we learned from makeup artists: after washing your face or taking a shower, don’t towel off before applying lotion. Instead, massage in body and facial lotions when your skin is wet. This way, the lotion locks in the moisture, providing more intense hydration that lasts for hours.

Also, always carry travel-sized versions of your favorite creams in your purse for mid-day touchups. Certain areas tend to get ashy during the day (like where your shoes rub against your feet).

Finally, make sure you moisturize your entire body, from head to toe! Here, we’ve compiled a gallery of our favorite moisturizers, from a rich hair cream to a cult-favorite foot lotion. You glow girl!

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