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Ask An OB-GYN: 'Was That A Female Ejaculation Or Something Else?'

Dr. Tosha Rogers breaks down the biggest splash you'll have between the sheets.
Ask An OB-GYN: ‘Was That A Female Ejaculation Or Something Else?’

Good news – ESSENCE’s “Ask An OB-GYN” series is back to bring you very public answers to some of your most private questions. When sexual and vaginal health concerns arise, renowned Obstetrics and Gynecology physician Dr. Tosha Rogers wants to ensure you have the answers you need to feel at ease. If you have a sexual health concern or question you want to swing her way, we’ve got you covered.  Email relationships@essence.comwith “Ask An OB-GYN” in the subject line and ask away!

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Dr. Tosha Rogers

Q: Can all women squirt? I’ve heard of women being able to do this, and I want to be able to as well.

A: The answer to that is not a simple “yes” or “no.” First, some people actually debate whether it’s squirting or urinating that’s happening. Women tend to say it’s different. My patients say (yes, it’s a very frequent question) that you can feel your body getting warm from the toes up. It feels like pressure and the urge is to fight it but you don’t, and that’s when you will apparently squirt.

The thought is, the Skene’s glands, which are two of the glands responsible for vaginal lubrication (wetness), become engorged. With pressure applied in the proper direction (the ‘come here’ finger motion) to the proper area (the infamous G spot, which is the area at the top of the vagina that feels like a walnut) a woman can then go on to “squirt”.

Some women squirt every time they have sex. Some squirt occasionally. Others never squirt at all. In conversation with women who do, they relate the action to being totally relaxed and not being preoccupied with any thought at all.

If you don’t know, let me inform you the Atlanta Premier OBGYN way: the vagina listens to your subconscious mind, not the activity happening to it or in it. So if you have 50-11 things going on in your head, upset or irked with your partner, worried about how you look naked or anything other than the “D”, it’s likely not to happen for you.