‘A Different World’ Premiered 32 Years Ago This Week

A Different World, the iconic TV series that brought millions into the world of a fictional historically Black college, has turned 32.

The show first premiered on September 24, 1987 and was an instant hit. Featuring a cast of educated Black students, the series opened up the conversation on taboo issues such as race, sex and equal rights.

“Today waaaaaaay Back !!!!!!” actress Creed Summer, who played Winifred “Freddie” Brooks, said in an Instagram post.

Although it ran for five seasons, the shows impact was immense.

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“We had different classes, different colorings, different backgrounds, different aspirations and that’s one thing I loved about A Different World,” Jasmine Guy said of the show last year when some of the cast reunited. “It showed the true spirit about what being Black is, and that it is diverse within itself.”

“What was also great was that you saw different generations! From the youngsters like Bumper Robinson [and] Patrick Malone, all the way to Glynn Turman, and Lou Myers, who played Mr. Gaines, there was always a different point of view,” said Darryl Bell, who played Ron.

“So no matter what topic was discussed, it wasn’t a monolithic response; it was something that was always challenging and relevant, it was important and we managed to be funny while we did it! That’s why I think it lasted so long and stayed evergreen.”

Happy Birthday!