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8 Warning Signs Of A Really Bad First Date

If you’re first date is going a little something like this, it’s time to call it.

The Silent Treatment

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By Charli Penn · June 5, 2017

If the conversation you share on a first date feels more intense than a job interview, you’re not getting to know them better; you’re being interrogated. While their interview style may seem harmless, chances are they’re looking for you to have all of the answers they seek. That is a lot of pressure for a first date. Compatibility should feel comfortable.

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Everyone is slightly addicted to their devices, but cell phones on the table during a first date is a recipe for distraction and disaster. Ask to put the phones away so you can get to know each other better, and if your date declines, that’s an immediate red flag. They should want to use the time you have together to get to know you not catch up on Instagram.


A date who keeps detouring the conversation back to whether or not the evening will end in sex, you should pass on that one. Your date is showing you who they are and what they want, so believe them, and save yourself the trouble of things becoming even more awkward a little later on.

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Um…who’s your friend? If your date brings a friend to help break the ice, this could mean they were already questioning whether or not you would share any initial chemistry. Always beware of a date who brings a safer date along for the fun – especially if they’re giving the other person all of their attention.


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Casual dinners make great first dates, but they don’t always go as planned. If you’re dining together and your plates are still full but your date is already fishing around for the check, sadly, they’re not that into you. No one wants to rush a romantic evening that’s going well.

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First dates can be nerve-racking; we get it. But know this: there’s a big difference between a few shy, awkward moments before the conversation kicks off and nonstop awkward silence throughout the date. If you have nothing to talk about on date one, that’s not a good sign for the future.

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First date debates can be harmless and playful, but if your conversation turns into a full-blown argument day one, it’s a no-go. Do we need to say why?

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Great chemistry between strangers begins with meaningful eye contact. If your date’s eyes are more interested in their phone than your peepers, it’s most likely a negative love connection.

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