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It's A Vibe: Pleasure-Filled Products That Will Steam Up Your Sex Life

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Mitzi Miller
Jul, 20, 2018 12:12 PM UTC

This feature originally appeared in the July/August 2018 issue of ESSENCE.

Pleasure products can help you jump start your journey to satisfaction. Amy Carnegie, a senior store manager of the sex-positive good vibrations sex shop in Oakland, shares some of the newest bestsellers and products you might like. 

Vibrators in this category are used anywhere on the outside of the body, from nipples to clitoris to the anus.
Toy to Try: Roxie, $79
Why It’s a Top Seller: The rechargeable clitoral vibe is made of silicone. It’s soft and flexible with a variety of different settings, so users won’t feel limited to only a couple of different speeds. It also offers pulsating options for the time you want to break up the constant vibration sensation.

Such vibrators use penetration as well as external stimulation of all areas of the body.
Toy to Try: Gyro-G Waterproof Vibrator, $28
Why It’s a Top Seller: The waterproof toy provides a nice curve, a bit of girth in the middle, which is exactly what users want when looking for a G-spot vibrator, and the deep vibration rumbles. The rumble is nice because users tend to feel that further inside the body versus vibrating sensations felt closer to the surface.

Formally known as the rabbit style, these vibrators can be used to stimulate internally and externally at the same time.
Toy to Try: Fun Factory Bi Stronic Fusion Pulsator Vibrator, $219
Why It’s a Top Seller: Unlike your typical twice as nice, this vibe o ers a thrusting motion in addition to clitoral and internal vibration. This feature is new to the market. While automated thrusting certainly doesn’t replace an actual person, it does get as close as possible.

Vibrators in this category are used externally and create a gentle, direct sucking sensation on the clitoris or nipples.
Toy to Try: Sona Cruise Clitoral Stimulator, $129
Why It’s a Top Seller: It uses a method branded as the “sonic hum” to produce its direct suction sensation. With eight modes, it starts out nice and low and can become really intense. Described by users as “almost a clitoral vacuum,” the pad on the toy creates the feeling of pulsing and suctioning at the same time.

These vibrators are designed to go on the penis and provide pleasure for both parties.
Toy to Try: Je Joue Mio Cock Ring, $109
Why It’s a Top Seller: Made of durable, stretchy silicone, it’s also waterproof and rechargeable. This ring has multiple speeds and vibration patterns. It’s perfect for folks who are looking to step up their box of bedroom tricks for solo or partnered play.

Being in a relationship with someone far away doesn’t mean you have to be disconnected.
Toy to Try: We-Vibe Jive, $119
Why It’s a Top Seller: It’s a waterproof, egg-shaped internal vibrator that syncs with the free phone app We-Connect. The person with the toy syncs with her phone and can share the link with a partner. This allows the partner to control the toy’s vibration. The app also includes a video chat feature so you can watch each other while using the toy. If you both own a product, for example, We-Vibe’s Jive vibrator and the Verge by We-Vibe Cock Ring, the two of you can sync the toys and enjoy simultaneous pleasure even when apart. Just make sure you have an updated data plan.