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Best Travel Gift Ideas For The Friend Who Loves A Girls Trip Moment

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By Lauren Porter · December 5, 2017

There’s a definite list of things required when you travel with a group of women.

Yes, you’re going into the trip with a positive attitude, knowing you’ll have a good time— but you don’t want to have to share personal items or stop at every Brookstone in the airport for comfort buys. You want to be ready!

As the experts on all this Black girl magic, we have the perfect travel list for you below.

If you're all about camping while being cute, this is the perfect bag for you. Plus it's Rihanna-approved so it's like the best gift ever!

$350.00 available at Puma

With this carry-on, your travels will never be out of style and your phone will be uncharged (because this suitcase comes with a USB port!) 

$245 available at Away

Preserve your pretty with this great present and your skin (and sleep) will thank you!

$28 available at Henri Bendel

Collect your passport stamps and see the world!

$24 available at Anthropologie

Wrap and be warm, cozy, comfy and chic with this gift!


Protect your edges wherever in the world you are sis!

$80 available at Sephora

With this candle, you can carry your favorite scent with you even when you're away from home. 

$14 available at LIT Brooklyn

Make sure you can always spot your bag while out and about and on the open road!

$38 available at Saks Fifth Avenue

Still need to brush up on different languages during your travels? Don't worry, this gift makes it easy to try our new foods and new words with this gift that makes ordering food while abroad a breeze. 

$10.62 available at Amazon

Save space and protect your sleep with this auto-inflating gift. 

$39 available at Brookstone

Let no outfit go wrinkled with this super cute garment bag!

$38 available at Bloomingdales

Make sure your glasses case is just as chic as your sunnies with this gift!

$18 available at Anthropologie

There's no better way to keep all the ticket stubs from your fun travels than in a keepsake book as cute as this!

$12 available at Uncommon Goods