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9 Ways Ayesha Curry Is Slowly Building Her Own Food Empire

Ms Curry is making major moves in the food industry. Check out her receipts.

Ayesha Curry Food Network
By Ni'Kesia Pannell · August 1, 2017

Supporting wife, loving mother, and committed Christian. These are all things that may come to mind when you think of NBA wife, Ayesha Curry. Though all of those titles are true, over the last two years, she’s also added another impressive headline to her resume: chef on the move.
Landing her own home cooking show with Food Network and delivering a bestselling cookbook, the sweet and talented cook next door is steadily proving that she’s the ultimate business-savvy foodie With her own restaurant already functioning in Hawaii and a widely appreciated presence in the kitchen, here are a few reasons why Ayesha’s burgeoning food empire is one that everyone needs to keep an eye on.

Set to debut in October 2017, Ayesha Curry's inaugural line of cookware and accessories has every home cook filled with anticipation. The collection, which is a collaboration with Meyer Corporation, will be found in Target stores nationwide and — from the looks of it — will be well worth the wait. Home cooks can expect a line filled with bakeware, stoneware, cutlery, cast iron, porcelain enamel, stainless steel cookware, and more.


Titled The Seasoned Life: Food, Family, Faith, and the Joy of Eating Well, Ayesha's first cookbook gives readers a look into her personal life and journey to eating better. Filled with 100 of her favorite recipes, the book delivers simple, yet savory  recipes that even the novice cook will be able to create. Busy moms will also love how relatable this book is and will soon discover how much Ayesha has in common with us all.

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Though only two seasons in, Ayesha's Home Kitchen is one cooking show that you should be tuned into. Airing on Food Network, each season hosts six 30-minute episodes jam packed with quick and tasty recipes that are perfect for any occasion. The show even features input and assistance in the kitchen from some of her family and close friends.

Food Network

If you haven't had the chance to purchase her cookbook The Seasoned Life yet, you can still test out her recipes in your kitchen. Offering up a number of simple and delicious recipes on her website, the cute cook is giving others the opportunity to take some of her most prized recipes right into their own kitchen.

Food Network

Forming from her passion to gather families around the table, Ayesha's meal kit service, Homemade, is perfect for cooks of all skill levels. Filled with family-inspired and child approved ingredients and recipes, each box delivered will be appreciated by everyone around the table. The meal kit service even offers the first meal kit just for kids.

Courtesy of Homemade

Originally launched as a pop-up collaboration with celebrity chef Michael Mina, the widely successful restaurant — International Smoke — found its first home in Honolulu, Hawaii and will soon do the same stateside. Settling its second full-service, brick-and-mortar location in San Fransisco, the new restaurant is set to serve light barbecue dishes very similar to what the two premiered at the string of pop-ups including braised mustard greens and onion rings, St. Louis pork ribs, and Singapore-style black pepper barbecue lobster. Doors at the San Fransisco location are expected to open fall 2017 and the establishment will feature Ayesha as a member of the kitchen staff.


Along with being a brand ambassador for the No Kids Hungry initiative, the bestselling author also supports farm to bottle superfood soup company, Züpa Noma. Since the celebrity chef is known for using fresh, high-quality ingredients in the the dishes she prepares, aligning herself with a company that does the same proves that she's thinking about the longevity and validity of her culinary empire.

Partnering with apron company Lundy Way, the faith-filled entrepreneur has developed the perfect apron for anyone who loves to jump in the kitchen. Produced under her Little Lights of Mine business, the aprons are both waterproof and stain proof and wipes clean after each use. Currently, the aprons come in two colors and are also available in children sizes.

Courtesy of Ayesha Curry

As a mother of two small children and established food expert, Ayesha's collaboration with Cheeky has become a huge staple in the development of her food empire. The line, which she co-founded, includes a Cheeky Baby and Cheeky Kid mealtime collection. Additionally, each collection is apart of the No Kids Hungry initiative where one child is given one meal for every pack of Cheeky Kids product purchased.

Courtesy of Cheeky