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A Shopping List For True Ice Cream Lovers

All of those National Ice Cream Day selfies got us to thinking --- what items belong in an ice cream lover's home? Here's your shopping list!

Ice Cream Rob Culpepper
By Lauren Porter · July 17, 2017

Need a dish for your ice cream treat? This is it!

$9.79 available at Amazon

Mix your favorite flavors and toppings like a pro at home with this handy parlor style blending kit.

Hammacher Schelemmer
$59.95 available at Hammacher Schelmmer

Never catch bae using your ice cream spoon again! This his-and-hers ice cream spoon set is the perfect gift to treat yourself and your love with!

$40 available at Etsy

Scoop like you mean it with this kitchen must-have. The handy release lever saves you time, which means you can take that delicious bite even faster.

$9.49 available at Amazon.com

Who needs store bought waffle cones when you can just make your own delicious ones in a snap?

$49.95 available at Amazon

When it comes to ice cream, sometimes you have to go big or go home and this Sundae bowl definitely inspires you to go big!

Le Creuset
$42 available at Le Creuset

Think as this fun float as the ice cream treat without the calories!

$19.99 available at Amazon

No one does gourmet gelatos and sorbet flavors quite like the team over at Talenti. Cinnamon Peach Biscuit anyone? We can't pick a favorite flavor, but if you check out their offerings, we bet you can. It's the perfect way to put your new ice cream accessories to use.