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20 Handy Kitchen Items Under $75 Every Woman Should Have In Her Kitchen

If the kitchen is your happy place at home, this is your ultimate shopping list.

Black Woman Cooking In Kitchen Ruslan Dashinsky/Getty Images
By Charli Penn and Lauren Porter · July 24, 2017

Seafood night just got easier...and even more chic.

Williams Sonoma
$69.95 available at Williams Sonoma

If you like to enjoy a sip of wine between pot stirs while making magic in the kitchen, these shatter-proof wine glasses can handle whatever goes down.

$28.00 available at Amazon.com

Because you know you like to add lemon and lime juice to your favorite recipes.

Crate and Barrel
$16.95 available at Crate And Barrel

Because every foodie worthy of her cookbook collection needs one of these babies.

$64.25 available at Amazon.com

Scrub off the smell of onions, garlic and other unwanted scents before bed with this kitchen bar.

$7.50 available at Amazon.com

Serve up your favorite sides and appetizers in style with this kitchen-to-table gem.

$39.97 available at Amazon.com

A tried and true favorite for getting the nutrients you need while juicing on the go.

$59.99 available at Amazon.com

No more cranking and spinning. Easy can opening never looked better.

$29.95 available at Amazon

For those times you need to get your chop on in a hurry.

Pampered Chef
$53 available at Pampered Chef

When the recipe calls for Asian-inspired goodness, this baby wil do the trick.

Urban Outfitters
$49.00 available at Urban Outfitters

The perfect tool to have handy when you're eating a low-carb or gluten-free diet. It even comes with recipe e-books to inspire your next meal.

$29.99 available at Amazon.com

This well-rounded set can go from the freezer to the oven, which makes your life just that much easier.

Bed, Bath and Beyond
$59.99 available at Bed Bath and Beyond

Take your healthy oils obsession to new levels with this guy nearby.

Williams Sonoma
$24.95 available at Williams Sonoma

Keep your portion control in check with this battery-operated, easy to use food scale counter-side.

$14.00 available at Amazon.com

Kitchen queen Jocelyn Delk Adams' soulful family recipes are delicious, easy to master and great conversation starters between multiple generations.

$15.14 available at Amazon.com

Whisk away in the kitchen with this chic must have. 

Bed Bath & Beyond
$19.99 available at Bed Bath & Beyond

When you have to rush home and hop right into dinner-mode, an apron keeps your cute clothes, well, cute. This one's as cute as your outfit. Winning!

Williams Sonoma
$14.00 available at Williams Sonoma

Mix, stack, and repeat with this affordable and reliable glass bowl set we love.

$40.49 available at Target

Durable, handy, chic and ready to set beside the stove and come in handy when you whip up a quick dinner.

Williams Sonoma
$39.95 available at Williams Sonoma

Measuring cups get used more than almost any other item in the kitchen. You can count on these not to buckle under pressure.

Bed, Bath and Beyond
$19.95 available at Amazon.com