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Here's What To Buy Your Friend Who Loves Molly From 'Insecure'

We know what to get your friend with the conservative job but wild personal life.

Molly on Insecure

By Ashley Stoney · December 18, 2017

Everyone’s favorite outspoken lawyer and undercover lover is Insecure’s Molly (Yvonne Orji). She’ll unabashedly tell it to you like it is and hug you after. Molly spent season two doing some soul searching, but ultimately reverted back to her carefree dating spirit.

These gifts are for the Molly’s we know —or who live inside of us.


These over the knee, sheer red holiday socks with red bows lining the back are part sexy and part sweet and perfect for a holiday hostess like Molly, who might be tres-chic entertaining her girls or naughtily entertaining a male suitor.

$22 available at Stance

Molly addressed the gender wage gap this season when she learned that a white male colleague who didn’t work as hard as her had actually out-earned her. We know Molly may be in search of self outside of the office, but she’s a corporate boss inside of her corner office. This Black Girl Magic notebook is perfect for the dedicated lawyer and inner boss in us all.


$18.50 available at Effie’s Paper

Although she doesn’t quite open up in therapy and ultimately ends up reverting back to her own ways, this banner is a subtle reminder that each day provides a fresh start and an opportunity to be better.


$40 available at Rayo & Honey

This jumpsuit is perfect to head from Molly’s chic LA law firm to the office holiday party. And, it screams Molly with just a subtle risque factor.


$44..97 available at New York & Company

It’s not even Christmas yet, but we know Molly is setting her goals on the new year. This vibrant dress is perfect for Blue Monday, once the festiveness of the season settles.



This powerful novel by scholar and feminist Roxanne Gay examines her experience being gang raped as a child and its impact on her coping through eating and struggling with body image as a result. For a person, like Molly, in search of self, this is a powerful read to check out.


Molly is always giving us a look. Rihanna’s beauty line dropped a holiday collection that will leave your Molly-loving BFF slayed.


This homemade shea butter comes in a variety of scents, which is perfect for moisturizing this winter. We know from Molly’s awkward bathtub scene with Dro that our bombshell is no stranger to self care.

$9.50 available at Zen in a Jar

Every boss needs a bad Beyoncé ornament on her tree.


$12 available at Beyoncé