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The Worst Ways to Moisturize Transitioning Hair

We all know the rules, right? Apply a moisturizer to your hair and seal with an oil to properly retain moisture. Pretty simple. But what if you were using moisturizing techniques that were actually ineffective. Moisturizing no-nos happens to the best of us. Make sure you’re moisturizing the right way with these quick hair tips.

By Chime Edwards · February 13, 2015

If you apply moisturizer to dirty hair or hair that is covered in product build up, there is a slim chance the moisturizer will reach the hair's cortex. Your hair doesn't have to be perfectly clean every time you moisturize but it should not be in desperate need of a wash.

Focusing on the roots of your hair instead of the ends and vice versa. Don't concentrate solely on your ends and neglect the rest of your hair. All of your strands need proper moisture. Take the time to make sure all of your hair is thoroughly coated with a moisturizer and sealant.

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Do not use styling products as moisturizers. Styling products are used to hold or set a style while moisturizers are specifically designed to give moisture. Yes, there are some styling products that also act as moisturizers but most do not. Check the label and ingredients before usage.

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Moisturize your hair on a daily basis. Even if your hair does not feel dry to the touch, it can still be in need of moisture. If you are experiencing breakage, you may need to up the amount of times you moisturize per week.

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