5 Things Naturals Don't Tell You When You’re Transitioning

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Chime Edwards
Jan, 30, 2015 2:02 PM UTC

Even if you take great care of your hair as you transition, it can still end up looking a little whacky. So, you will need to actually cut your hair. This could be due to your hair breaking as you transitioned at the line of demarcation. After the hair breaks, it can split and leave the strand damaged. Sometimes it’s best to just cut, and not keep old ends.

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Your hair may grow different lengths in different areas of your hair, so you may have to cut your hair for this reason as well. With natural hair, the shape of your 'fro is everything so it will be well worth it.

Natural ladies always claim that when you big chop your hair will grow fast, but this isn't true for everyone. In fact, it may seem as if your hair isn't growing at all. This could be due to shrinkage or your hair grows slower than the normal rate. It doesn't mean you won't reach your hair goals—it will just take you a little longer to get there.

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