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10 Myths About Going Natural

Here's what you don't need to know to go natural with confidence.

By Nicole Marie Melton · April 8, 2015

Naturals who think they need a specific texture of curly hair to rock it natural are terribly mistaken. Whether you have a halo of tight kinks like Solange or loose, silky waves like Alicia, you can find a hair care regimen that allows you to wear your hair in its natural state.

Many women who work in conservative environments are concerned about natural hairstyles being professional. The good news is there are several styles that look very polished such as up-dos and buns that can be created with locs or natural hair of all lengths and textures. Consult with a stylist or look at hair care blogs to get ideas of styles you’ll feel comfortable in for the boardroom and beyond.

While it’s understandable that you may be nervous about wearing short hair, it’s a misconception that shorter hairstyles only work for a particular face shape. There are women with oval faces, such as Nicole Ari Parker, and round faces, such as Chrisette Michelle, who have all big chopped beautifully. No matter what shape your face is, rock your short ’fro with a bright smile and confidence!

So you think natural girls only have three hairstyle options, huh? Puh-leeeze! The possibilities are endless —endless, I tell you!— when it comes to styling natural hair. Again, this is a good time to consult with a stylist or browse online to see just how much versatility there is in natural hair.

It’s a total myth that you have to use an exact certain set of products when you go natural. Finding products for your hair is similar to finding products for your skin. If your friend has oily skin and yours is dry, would you use the same face wash? Probably not. The same goes for your hair type. Be sure you find what works for you.

Natural hair does not grow faster than relaxed hair. Your hair growth rate does not depend on how your wear your hair, but your hair will retain more length on the ends if it is nourished and healthy. Natural hair is actually more prone to breakage because of the spirals along the hair shaft create weak spots. The bottom line is that your hair will grow from the scalp if you are healthy and you will retain length if you maintain a strong hair care regimen.

Ha! This one gets us every time because natural hair takes just as much time to maintain—if not more—as relaxed or flat-ironed hair. Some naturals get their hair done in a salon just as frequently as non-relaxed women, whereas others choose to wash, condition, and style their hair at home, which can take hours at a time. If you’re going natural to save time, you won’t really be saving as much time as you think.

Chemical color puts just about the same amount of stress on hair as a chemical relaxer. Permanent color breaks into the cuticle layers of the hair strand and dissolves proteins in hair fibers. Chemical treatments of any kind always leave textured hair weaker than it was before processing. It’s okay to color your natural curls, but be prepared to go the extra mile to maintain your hair’s health and prevent damage.

Going natural while using constant heat styling to your hair is a no-no for several reasons. When hair is flat-ironed, protein and moisture links are broken which results in a curly hair becoming straight. Repeated use of heat-styling can result in permanent heat damage and you’ll notice some pieces of your hair will not curl back up when wet. Furthermore, wearing your hair flat-ironed does not give you the chance to experiment with and get to know your naturally textured hair.

Listen, ladies. There are tons of natural hair routines and regimens that you will see on blogs, YouTube, Facebook and even on this website! The bottom line is that you have to find what works for you. No two heads of hair are alike and you do not have to beat yourself up if you don’t maintain an extensive hair care regimen. If you can achieve healthy hair with a simple wash, condition and style routine, then so be it. This is your hair and your journey. Do you!