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11 Travel Hair Items You Need To Pull Off A Vacay Slay

Going on vacation means having fun, indulging in new experiences and above all-- relaxation! The last thing you want to be is stressed over your hair or possibly forgetting the products needed to ensure it's always on point and Snapchat-worthy. Make room in your suitcase for these mane must-haves! 

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By Bukky Ojeifo · April 27, 2017

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There is nothing worse than having your favorite products trashed by TSA. Before heading out to the airport, grab travel size containers (less than 3oz for carry-on bags) and transfer your must-haves into them. 

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Yep, this exists and it should rank high on your packing list. It’s no secret that laying in the sun for long periods of time can be damaging for your skin and hair.

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So protect your tresses from harmful UV rays and pack a hair sunscreen for your vacay!

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What’s a vacation without a little fun in the sun?! If you're planning to take a dip in the pool or nearby beach, make sure you have a clarifying shampoo on deck. 

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Neglecting to shampoo hair that has been in chlorine or salt water for some time will cause your strands to become extremely dry, so add a clarifying shampoo to your packing list!

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Sitting out in the sun all day will cause your hair to become dry, so combat dryness and frizz by grabbing a leave-in conditioner.

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Look for ones designed specifically for moisture and repair.

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Rocking a protective style and want your hair to glisten in every single photo? Pack a hair sheen/oil to quickly add shine and keep your hair “glowed up” the entire trip.

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Sheens are also a lifesaver when you've got a flight to catch and want to look as though you put effort into your last minute 'do. 

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This wont be the sexiest thing in your suitcase, but it is oh so necessary! Hair maintenance during your trip will depend on this inexpensive item! Why satin? Because it protects your hair from dryness caused by the friction between moisture absorbing material such as cotton and your hair.

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In the midst of enjoying your vacation, chances are you will have a day where you just want to put your hair up and not do anything to it. That's when a stylish head wrap comes in handy. 

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