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10 Game-Changing Products That'll Keep Your Scalp In Tip Top Shape

The road to awesome hair starts with healthy follicles. 

scalp care 101

Mia Marie Overgaard
By Andrea Jordan · August 25, 2017

It’s time to stop judging the health of your hair by only its length or shine. The state of your scalp reflects your hair’s health. That’s why it’s so important to keep your scalp clean and in tip-top shape. 

Remember, it’s the skin that your hair follicles actually sprout from. “Prolonging the frequency of washing, allowing styling products to build up and misusing relaxers or chemical treatments can all affect scalp health, especially for African-American women,” says Rolanda Johnson Wilkerson, Ph.D., principal scientist at Procter & Gamble. 

Despite what we’ve heard, Wilkerson recommends cleansing the scalp every one to three days, depending on the level of oil production. However, some women may only need to wash it once a week. “It’s also important to use your fingertips to massage each shampoo to remove the product and effectively cleanse,: says Wilkerson. 

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If you’re rocking a protective style, wig or weave, try using a leave-in treatment between wash sessions to moisturize and get rid of debris. No matter your hair routine or styling preferences, your scalp is a big part of the journey to achieving amazing hair. 

See 10 of the top rated scalp products below!

This water-based, fragrance-free formula stimulates blood flow to the scalp for increased hair growth. 

$34 available at Philip Kingsley

This pre-poo treatment is chock full of essential oils that prevent dry scalp and leave it feeling tingly and fresh! 

$16 available at Janomi Hair

If you suffer from seborrheic dermatitis, this leave-on treatment will relieve you of excess itching and irritation. 

$38 available at Ulta

This lightweight lotion is the cure for a dry scalp and should be used in conjuction with your shampoo routine. 

$18 available at LivSo

Made with apple cider vinegar, this clarifying rinse will rid your scalp of product buildup, leaving it fresh and revitalized. 

$29 available at Essential Rinse

Balance out oily strands by spraying this charcoal-infused shampoo directly to the roots. 

$24 available at Sephora

These creamy concoction smells delicious and will instantly soothe a flaky scalp. 

$32 available at Sephora

Apply this concentrated serum to wet hair for not only a cleaner scalp, but strengthened strands, too. 

$52 available at Davines

This shampoo/leave-in treatment cleans strands, all while relieving your scalp of dandruff flakes and itching. 

$13 available at Walgreens

Peony is renowned for its anti-irritating properties, making this formula godsend for those with sensitive scalps. 

$20 available at Dermstore