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7 Best Scalp Products From Sally Beauty

This weekend, the hair care chain is having an insane sale that you cannot miss! 

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By Jennifer Ford · March 24, 2017

Transitions take some getting used to, especially the winter to spring segue. With unpredictable temperatures and spells of spring showers, you can imagine how varied our beauty routines can be.

Some days will seem perfect for championing a twist out, while others will be damp and apt for a head wrap. But no matter the climate, season or hairstyle, regular scalp treatments are essential for maintaining the health and manageability of your hair.  

And right now you can get soothing serums and conditioning moisturizers on sale at Sally Beauty to make your tranistion into spring easier. The beauty retailer has everything you need to alleviate itchiness and keep your strands poppin’ all season long.

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So, before you hit the stores this weekend, take advantage of Sally’s sale and get 20% off your entire purchase (online and in store), using the code 888463. And it’s going until March 26th, so be sure to tell a friend! Not sure what to grab? Peruse our favorite scalp-savers belong; every girl needs one! 

This product is great for nourishing your scalp if you’re wearing weave and extensions. This scalp detox, made with apple cider vinegar and tea tree oil, cleanses the scalp without stripping the hair. 

$5 available at Sally Beauty

Skip patting your hair to alleviate itchiness. This scalp glossfier is formulated with soothing emollients that will keep dry and flaky scalp at bay while restoring moisture.

$12 available at Sally Beauty

When it comes to our hair, Argan Oil is the holy grail of nourishment. This products will keep dry and itchiness at bay all season long, while maintaining your hair’s health and moisture.

$7 available at Sally Beauty

This staple is a must have for weak and thinning hair. The special blend of vitamin, essential oils and shea butter provides nourishment to grow and strengthen hair.

$7 available at Sally Beauty

This is perfect for thick and coarse hair. The formula seals the cuticles to reduce split ends, breakage and frizz, revealing smoother hair.

$9 available at Sally Beauty

This plant-based formula hydrates, conditions and softens thick hair, while making it less prone to breakage.

$9 available at Sally Beauty

Get your hair in healthier state for spring with this revitalizing formula that contains nourishing vitamins for faster and thicker growth. This oil is lightweight, non-greasy and can be used every day.

$12 available at Sally Beauty