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Ask The Experts: How to Preserve Your Summer Hair Extensions

Using hair extensions in your summer styling can provide you with the ultimate versatility. However, in order to get the most out of your extensions, it is important to buy the right extensions and provide routine care for them. Dallas-based stylist, Erin Hughes and MADALI Hair (black-owned provider of 100% human hair extensions) stylists share some easy tips for maintaining your hair extensions.

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By Deena Campbell · July 15, 2015

"It’s so important to buy extensions that match your hair texture and pattern,” says Dallas-based stylist, Erin Hughes. “Doing so reduces the amount of heat you need to apply to your leave-out. A good leave-out yields an outstanding weave. The summer heat and humidity can make your leave out swell. Your extensions should blend enough to ensure the most natural look.”

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"Tie your hair down every single night," says Hughes. "Preserve your styles so that you don't have to use heat and restyle as often. Use a silk or satin scarf to smooth your edges, reduce friction and preserve the integrity of your extensions."

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"Use a leave in conditioner weekly and a serum or light oil daily. Use a good setting lotion to smooth your hair and set your hairstyles," says Hughes. "I've become obsessed with coconut oil lately. A little goes a long way. It is an all-natural way to keep your hair healthy, moisturized and shiny in the summer heat."

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“Choose your favorite color this season. I vote blue, purple and green; these are my go-to colors for summer time,” says MADALI Hair ambassador stylist, Micha Brown. “And let me not forget the peachy/pink mix, this is great for my girls that are over the blondish ombré.” A fun color will not only keep your summer days bright, but also make you the center of attention when the sun sets."

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