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Last Minute Travel Tips: 11 Things To Check Off Your Girls Trip To Do List

Have Back Up Plans

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By Rachaell Davis · June 18, 2018

Travel tips are great, but as we know, there are some helpful words of advice that are especially appreciated when you’re preparing for a girls trip.

Your 2018 ESSENCE Festival trip is almost here! Make sure you’re as prepared on as can be with these 11 helpful hacks. See you in NOLA!

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Locking in a date and time to get your hair and nails done will help keep you on track and avoid a super last-minute crisis.

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Get an head start on packing will minimize your chances of forgetting to pack something you really need or packing too many things you really don't need.

During one of your daily group chats (we know you have them, just like us!) check in to make sure everyone has a valid I.D. From restaurants to clubs, nothing puts a damper on a vacation like not being able to enjoy the places you'd hoped to because you didn't have the proper identification.

Capturing your memories to either save for your own viewing or share with the world is a big part of a girls trip. Don't be caught with a lifeless phone!


You don’t want any unnecessary interruptions, we get it. But, you don’t want to be so wrapped up in his world that you tune completely out of yours either. Pack your charger just in case.

Whether you're carpooling with your group, planning to park at one of the airport lots, or arranging for someone to pick you up and drop you off, having a plan in place is a good idea.

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You've filled up your Pinterest board. You've watched more YouTube video reviews than you can count. It's time to make a decision. You can do it!


Do a little research to cope out the city you're traveling to and make sure you have more than one option in mind for where to go incase plans fall through at any point.

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