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The Most Popular Summer Beauty Trends On Pinterest

Trends come and go (sometimes as quickly as a matter of months), so it can be hard to know what’s still “in” and what’s officially “out.”

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By Chelsea Traber Burns · June 27, 2017

This article originally appeared on RealSimple.

Trends come and go (sometimes as quickly as a matter of months), so it can be hard to know what’s still “in” and what’s officially “out.” Luckily, Pinterest has firsthand insight on what people are falling in and out of love with and which trends are bubbling to the surface thanks to the thousands of users on the social platform.

Each season we look to them to find out what is trending based on the top pins of their users from all around the world. For this summer season they highlighted eight beauty trends that are getting a lot of buzz—we rounded up a few our favorites that we’re definitely going to get behind. First, there’s an updated version of the go-to messy topknot—and don’t worry, you’re not seeing double.

Or, are you looking for haircut inspiration? According to Pinterest it’s time to make the chop—just at your shoulder that is. A shorter ‘do is perfect for those warm summer months, but at shoulder length, you can still put it in a ponytail when you feel like it. Plus, there are even some skincare and makeup trends that you’ll want to keep in mind, too.

A popular serum will make your skin brighter, while makeup for the gym is a possibility. Take a look at the trends to try on the next pages and just remember you heard it hear first (thanks, Pinterest!) when you start seeing space buns and shoulder length hairstyles on all your friends this summer.

The summer heat is on, which means it’s the perfect time to chop your hair off. If you’re nervous about making a big change, you don’t have to go for a dramatic bob. This summer it’s all about keeping the length right at your shoulders with searches for the look up 50 percent from last year. The ones we love most skim the collarbone and have a beach wave, messy texture. The style is also very versatile in that it can be air-dried or styled really quickly, but it’s also still long enough to be pulled back into a ponytail.

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That’s right, the trend you loved in the 90s or as a child is back. We love it as an update on the usual messy topknot. If you're a little intimated by the trendy ‘do, try it as two low buns first. All you need are four hair ties (clear or close to your hair color) and a bunch of hair pins. Pull hair up into two pigtails and secure tightly with a hair tie. Then twist each ponytail into a bun and secure with another hair tie. Pin any loose or stray hairs until they feel secure—test it by giving your head a shake. Pull some face framing strands out around your face so it’s not too perfect and voila!

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Can’t decide on a color or nail art design? Who says you have to choose just one. The search for “mismatched nails” on Pinterest has risen 63 percent from last year. Whether it’s a variety of shades in a singular color (think ombré), or a mix of shapes (lines, dots, triangles, etc.) in the same color scheme, the options are endless. We love the idea of placing stars or another symbol in several colors in different places on each nail. Go for a modern finish by keeping the base bare and sealing with a clear topcoat. You can even include stickers or confetti for a fun twist.

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Move over sun-kissed, ombré strands, single process platinum blonde is the new hair color trending on Pinterest. And while we do love the look, hairstylists also want to remind their customers that it’s not for the faint of heart. Depending on your hair color it can take several trips to the salon before arriving at the perfect platinum (this is especially true for darker hues). Once you’re happy with the color, be sure to use a violet or platinum specific shampoo and conditioner (Amika Bust Your Brass Cool Blonde Shampoo and Conditioner, $24 each; sephora.com) to prevent your white locks from going brassy. And since bleaching your hair strips a lot of the moisture away, try to use a moisturizing hair mask (Redken Blonde Idol Mask, $21; ulta.com) at least once a week.

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People have realized the skin benefits of vitamin C with searches for the term on Pinterest up 50 percent from last year. The powerhouse ingredient can brighten, firm, smooth, and may even prevent and treat UV damage. You’ll reap the most benefits if you use it in a serum as they are the most concentrated and potent formulas. A lot of vitamin C products are also coming in powder form now as they’re more stable that way and keep their potency longer than the liquid counterparts. It’s also an antioxidant and when layered underneath your sunscreen, it works hand in hand to block even more rays than when you just wear sunscreen alone.


With more and more people wanting to lead a healthier lifestyle, they are heading to the gym more. So it’s no surprise that some people are also concerned about their makeup for the gym. The term “gym makeup” has been searched 65 percent more than last year. You’re in luck because brands have caught on and many products now offer skin benefits or extra staying power. Sweat cosmetics was actually founded by professional athletes and provides hardworking, hypoallergenic products for women on-the-go. Don’t want to buy new products? Just remember to keep it light—tinted moisturizer, penciled brows, and mascara—and always cleanse after you’re done to prevent skin irritation or breakouts.

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