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9 Oil-Free Sunscreens That Won't Slide Off Your Skin

We're well into the summer season and if you're still walking out the door without sunscreen, it's time to reevaluate your morning routine. Contrary to popular belief, not all formulas leave behind a greasy film that melts in hot weather. If you're completely turned off by oily lotions and sprays, check out 9 matte formulas that won't suffocate your skin in the summer heat. 

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By Nikki Brown · July 10, 2017

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This formula is lightweight enough to minimize shine, but strong enough to provide ample protection against UV rays. Biotin, yeast, caffeine and more are also included to control oil production and reduce inflammation. 

$52 available at Ulta

Suitable for both day and nighttime use, this mattifying moisturizer is infused with SPF as well as aloe vera to calm irritated skin and provide an extra boost of hydration. 

$35 available at Dermstore

This water-resistant spray is free of all the nasties (synthetic fragrance, sulfates, parabens, artificial color, phthalates) and just what you need before the next beach day or an outdoor run. 

$15 available at Amazon

Water-resistant for up to 80 minutes and suitable for all skin types, this matte formula smells so fresh, you'll want to reapply throughout the day. 

$8 available at Target

In addition to providing sun protection with non-nano zinc oxide and titanium dioxide, this chemical-free, oil-free sunscreen also detoxes and rejuvenates dry skin. Available for $49 at dermatologist & plastic surgeon practices nationwide.


This 100% oil-free formula is wearable under makeup, gentle enough for sensitive skin and water-resistant. 

$20 available at Target

Water-resistant for up to 40 minutes and gentle enough for use on children, this dry finish SPF melts into the skin without leaving an oily residue behind. 

$31 available at Dermstore

Lightweight and oil-free, this lotion is also infused with the ceramides (molecules that hold skin cells together) that support the skin's natural protective barrier. 

$15 available at Target

There's nothing worse than seeing an unattractive white cast over your face after applying sunscreen. That's why we're coveting this lightweight natural spray that provides a powdery clean feel without leaving visible streaks behind. 

$14 available at Target