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8 Ways to Give your Hands and Feet the Royal Treatment

Because cracked feet are never in season.

Treat Yo' Self! Courtesy
By Virginia Lowman · January 15, 2016

Just because you're exchanging your sandals for gloves and boots doens't mean that you have an excuse to neglect your hands and feet. Being chapped is never cute. Take some time every weekend to pamper yourself because you and your skin deserve it!


If you've developed a bad habit of layering a new nail color over an old one instead of removing the old polish, you could be setting yourself for stainedm yellow, nail beds. Wipe off old polish with Formula X Delete All 5 finger Nail Polish Remover' to get rid of glitter and stubborn build-up in seconds.

$15m, available at sephora.com


To quickest way to calm is a relaxing foot soak. This DIY soak relaxes your muscles and detoxifies your skin.


  • Basin of warm water
  • 1-1/2 Tbs Mustard Powder
  • 2 Tsp finely grted and peeled ginger

Directions: Soak your feet in the basin of water for 10-15 minutes before rinsing and patting your feet dry.


The key to keeping  your feet baby soft is exfoliating. Pumice stones are great, but it's always good to soften the skin with a luxurious scrub. Rituals Tau Quing Fa Foot Scrub is packed with delicious ingredients like Chinese mint and Yi Yi Ren to soothe, smooth and refersh skin.

$16, available at barneys.com


No mani-pedi tretment is complete without oacking in some intense moisturizer. First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream Intense Therapy is our go-to cream for healing irritated, cracked, dry skin. A little bit goes a long way, so once you've finished your soak and scrub apply this cream to hands and feet to soften and hydrate your skin.

$30, available at sephora.com


Diamonds—and pearls— are a girl's best friend. Since winter is all about pampering yourself, ditch those blasé foam toe seperators for these pearl embellished beauties instead. 

Pearls of Wisdom Toe Separators, $12.99 available at dipintopretty.com


The best beauty pick me up is a red lip or a great red polish. Burberry's Military Red Nail Polish is the ultimate true red tht looks good on all skin tones and is sure to ward off any cold weather blues.

$22, available at sephora.com


Two-for-One products are always a favorite of ours. Music maven and beauty afficionado, Deborah Lippmann is a woman after our own hearts. Not only are her polishes gorgeous and super long wearing, but they are also cleverly named after some of our favorite songs. This "Hard Rock" polish is super hydrating and doubles as abase and top coat. It's long wearing and gives high shine for nails that are ready to take center stage...or center keyboard.

Deborah Lippmann Hard Rock Hydrating Hardener, $20 available at sephora.com


Chances are you won't have time to pamper yourself every week— we get it. We're working women too. In between mani-pedi's, using a gentle exfoliant everyday like Clinique 7 Day Scrub Cream can really make a difference in keeping your skin smooth and crack-free longer.