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Sephora Artist Approved: 12 Eccentric Lip Colors For Brown Skin

Lipstick plays a special role in every lady's life, whether she is a certified beauty junkie or wants to find that perfect color for an event.

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By Alexis Webb · February 1, 2017

A certain shade can “yay or nay” your entire makeup look and serve as an unspoken accessory to outfits depending on tone and texture! “There are tons of out-of-the-norm color selections for brown skin girls these days,” says beauty vlogger and Sephora Senior Artist Terry Gomez.

Like most make-up lovers of the millennial generation, we have all grown fond, but a bit tired, of the traditional red, nude and even plum lip colors–we need more! The world may not know, but there are tons of unconventional choices ripe for the picking and waiting to be explored.

Check out these eccentric lip colors that look amazing against brown skin, and be ready to start your morning conversations with, “Girl, where did you get that lipstick from?”

The Pro’s Picks:

“Deeper colors are of course easier for brown skin tones to pull off. Colors like Chill Zone are my favorites,” adds Gomez. “…Long wearing matte lip color by Smashbox looks good on warm brown skin tone, with or without a lip liner and will stay on all day.”

$24 available at Sephora

“Squid Ink and Kale are a couple of fun ones I like to put on my clients if they want something different.” Both are made by the all-natural lip-nurturing brand, Bite Beauty. The deep colors take on a goth-chic look, but since it does not dry down matte, make sure to use a lip primer to prevent smudging and/or feathering.

$26 available at Sephora
$26 available at Sephora

Atlanta-based makeup artist Mckenzie Mitchum enjoys brighter, unconventional colors when giving her clients some glam. “Gothica is great for clients that want something fun and different.” Pair this bronze, metallic lip color with a chocolate brown lip liner to define your lip look.

$21 available at Sephora

“I have a thing for metallics, so Urban Decay’s new Conspiracy also looks great on brown skin tone.” The textured, golden gilded color offers a nude look to brown skin tones but glimmers, so it’s perfect for festive occasions.

$18 available at Sephora

Scroll down for more trendy, yet unconventional lip colors to try! 


This navy blue lip creates a bold and daring look when paired with a nude eye.

$20 available at Sephora

Light up any event with this bright orange beauty.

$24 available at Sephora

Grey is the new neutral. 

$6 available at NYX

This long wear lip color is the perfect berry option for any brown girl. Define with a slightly darker lip liner to create an ombre lip look.

$20 available at Sephora

Rock this royal purple lip color to evoke a darker mood.

$17 available at Bloomingdale's

Royally Riotous is a nudish lipstick with a twist. Try it on alone or layer a nude gloss on top to make it softer.

$17 available at MAC

Leave them green with envy!

$17 available at Nordstrom