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21 Celebrities Who Give Us Serious Eyebrow Envy

Whether they’re threaded, tweezed, microbladed, filled in, or au naturel, eyebrows play a significant role in our daily beauty routines. With the power to completely transform your face, it's important to know and master a shape that works best for you. If you’re looking to switch up your grooming game, get inspired by the A-lister brows that mesmerize on and off the red carpet. 

The Hate U Give

Bertrand Rindoff Petroff
By Samantha Callender · May 1, 2017

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Queen Bey opts for full and shapely brows that truly stand out.

Laura Cavanaugh

We love Gab’s naturally thick eyebrows that compliment her facial structure.

Frazer Harrison

Keri’s brows are filled to perfection! 

Emma McIntyre

Rih-Rih always opts for slender brows that allow her eye color and makeup to pop in a major way.

Paul Archuleta

All hail the queen, Oprah Winfrey, who is getting the award of the night because, Oprah, duh. 

Walter McBride

Tia’s brows are not overdone and blend perfectly with the rest of her makeup look.

Earl Gibson III

Amandla is another A-lister who opts for wearing her brows au naturel--and we love it!

John Sciulli

This starlet's brows are always thick and perfectly shaped to frame her face.

Steve Granitz

We love that Zoe rocks her natural brows on the red carpet.

Krista Kennell

We love how the Scandal star's brows are shaped thicker towards the inner eye and slim out towards the temple.

Amanda Edwards

Lala’s brows perfectly shape her gorgeous face.

Michael Stewart

Rita’s brows are naturally arched and we love the bold makeup looks she wears around them. 

Paul Zimmerman

Jennifer likes her brows thicker toward the tail, and we love how it frames her face!

Andrew Toth

Solange’s brows are always bold, full and neat!

Dan MacMedan

The Blackish actress' brows are always gorgeous and full!

Paul Archuleta

Janelle’s naturally thick and perfectly arched brows give us serious eyebrow envy!

JB Lacroix

Tyra’s fierce brows always compliment her smize!

JB Lacroix
Steve Granitz
Steve Granitz
Karwai Tang
Steve Granitz