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6 Tips From Our Best In Black Beauty Experts

A select group of beauty gurus provided tips on how to use their can't-live-without beauty musts just in time for spring. 

Our Experts Renee Garnes' Instagram
By Deena Campbell · April 21, 2015

Celebrity makeup artists Renee Garnes, Monifa Mortis, and dermatologist Dr. Brooke Jackson weigh in on how to use our items from our 2015 Best in Black Beauty Awards.

Renee Garnes' Instagram

“This go to product works for the entire family. Use with dove cream oil body butter lotion to make your skin glow for spring.” —Dr. Brooke Jackson

$4 for 2-pack, available at Walmart.com.

“This is a great product to help ready up your skin for all of the flesh baring fashions of spring -- you can use this in the shower to shave your legs and other lady parts. It’s truly a multi-use product.” —Dr. Brooke Jackson 

$8/8 oz, available at walgreens.com.

“I love that I can use Ruby Woo from MAC on most skin types. It is long lasting with great staying power with a matte finish.” —Renee Garnes

$16, available at maccosmetics.com.

“Dior Show in Catwalk Black makes lashes look so lush, and it defines eyes for a high fashion look!” —Renee Garnes 

$25, available at dior.com.

“Unlike water or oil based foundations, silicone-based formulas like Giorgio Armani need to dry first in order to determine the true shade. Apply a swatch on your jawline and let it dry completely before determining the best match.” —Monifa Mortis

$62, available at armanibeauty.com

“Don't neglect bottom lashes. Even the wispiest lashes can be enhanced with mascara. Don't worry about messing it up; just use a cosmetic swab to clean up any mistakes.” —Monifa Mortis

$7, available at Target.com