These Are the Top Rated Scalp Savers for 4C Hair

We love styling our 4C hair, but sometimes, it can be hard to find the products that will properly relieve the scalp. It can be thicker to the root, and maybe a little drier, so it’s important to find products that will properly cleanse and soothe our scalp while moisturizing the locks. Here are nine oils, serums and all natural products that promise to heal your tresses from root to tip. 

India Hill Nov, 15, 2016

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This oil eliminates dryness, coats hair, adds shine, protects hair from breakage and eliminates dry skin. $8,

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Sea kelp, argan oil and shea butter work together to develop a treatment that seals hair cuticles, promotes hair elasticity and moisturizes the scalp. $13,

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Plain apple cider vinegar on the scalp can help in many ways. It acts as a disinfectant by preventing the growth of fungus, and as a natural cleanser to remove dirt and styling products.

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This all-natural serum reduces inflammation and increases scalp circulation. $12,

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This serum exfoliates clogged follicles and increases healthy skin cell products. $10,

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Essential nutrients and argan oil help to reduce itching and dryness in this scalp treatment. $8,

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Infused with argan oil, lavender, and salicylic acid, this scalp treatment reduces flakiness, soothes and improves circulation in the scalp. $34,

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This lavender and avocado based product totes an ability to heal dryness, flaking and itching. $7,

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This minty scalp elixir conditions the scalp with African water mint, activated charcoal, ginger and opuntia extracts. $25,