Who says you can pair blue eye shadow with red lipstick? 

Virginia Lowman
Mar, 07, 2016

Academy-award winning actress, Lupita Nyong'o just broke beauty's golden rule. Remember when you tried to pair that classic blue eyeshadow with your mom's go-to red lipstick for that 8th grade dance and you were told that was a beauty faux pas? Well, according to makeup guru Nick Barose, that beauty rule is dated; and, when it comes to beauty, weren't the rules made to be broken, anyway? On his Instagram feed, Barose admitted that the stunning eye and lip combo took only 30 to create, captioning a post of the star: "When you only have 30 minutes to get ready after the play opening night [at 'Eclipsed' on Broadway]." 

Apparently, the gorgeous look was homage to Africa; Barose and Nyong'o took a trip to Lupita's native home of Kenya over the summer where Barose saw the brightly-hued African tulips that inspired the lip color Lupita wore on the opening night on her latest venture, 'Eclipsed' on Broadway. Barose combined Lancôme Rouge in Love lipstick in "Miss Coqulicot' ($29, and Lancôme Juicy Shakes in Great Fruit (£18, On lids, Barose used two products: a waterproof base that compimented Lupita's natural skin tone, Sienne ($26.50, at and Lancôme Drama Liqui-Pencil in Cote D'Azur blue ($23, at



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