K. Michelle gave her red hair a retro twist by curling ends upward and teasing layers to add a lot of volume and body. 

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"My ultimate goal is to be completely free and have freedom" says K. Michelle. 

Sydney Scott
Mar, 03, 2016

K. Michelle sat down with ESSENCE Live to take a few questions from fans and talk about all the things she's currently working on and projects in the future.

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The singer has a lot on her plate, but one thing she's eager to work on is a country EP. While answering a fan question about her goals the singer revealed,

"My ultimate goal is to be completely free and have freedom, which I think I've achieved...I've thought about 'Oh, this will be my last album', but I really want to do the country EP and I have the restaurant I'm opening...I'm just too busy."

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We're here for this. Give us a country album, K. Michelle!

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