Everyone wants something different. What did you look for?

Lauren Turner
Sep, 10, 2014

Going to college is a big decision. And deciding where you'll go is an even bigger one.

With all of the factors involved, who knows where to start. From cost and location to sports teams and student body makeup, the choice you make will not only have a bearing on your education, but also on your life for the next four (or more) years.

With school starting for college students around the country, we started thinking about what the most important aspect for choosing a college was to you. How did you choose a college? And if you're a parent, what is the most important thing for your soon-to-be college student to keep in mind? Take our poll and let us know.

QUESTION:How did you choose a college? Based on the cost. 29% Based on the region. 22% Based on the student body makeup. 13% Based on the academia. 33% Based on the sports. 3% Total votes: 212