Real Housewives of Atlanta's Porsha Stewart is throwing daggers at her ex after their messy breakup. How do you end a relationship?
Sep, 19, 2013

Real Housewives of Atlanta is returning to Bravo on November 3rd, and the teasers we've seen so far are jam-packed with that juicy drama that loyal viewers have come to expect and love from the cast: NeNe's being NeNe (bloop!), Kenya's getting evicted, Cynthia's crying, Phaedra gives birth on-camera, and Kandi and her fiance are going through it. But one moment in the trailer is causing quite a stir on Black Twitter: Porsha—whose marriage with former Pittsburgh Steelers star quarterback Kordell Stewart, disinitegrated after last season's close—is fanning the flames of an old internet rumor regarding her ex's, er, sexual preference.

"Kordell didn't want me physically," she says, "and that made me wonder, 'What does he want?'"

Now, we're not going to go that route, but it had us thinking of post-breakup ethics. How do we handle the end of a love affair? Some burn bridges and do anything to hurt those who have hurt them, some throw deuces and jet in no time flat, while others seem to become best friends with all their past boos.

Where do you fit in this? Let us know.

QUESTION:What's your post-breakup M.O.? I seek closure and hope that we both can walk away in peace. 39% Deuces! I'm out like the wind and never turn around. 23% It can get very messy. Revenge is sweet! 1% It all depends on who he is and how we ended things. 37% Total votes: 360

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