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The song was originally released in 2010, one year after the King of Pop's death.

Derrick Bryson Taylor
Aug, 19, 2013

On Friday, a mysterious duet between Justin Bieber and the late Michael Jackson surfaced online.

"Slave to the Rhythm" was posthumously released in 2010 and quietly went away soon thereafter, as Billboard reports. The new version features a blended mix of vocals from both Bieber and Jackson over an upbeat dance track.

On Friday, the track's authenticity was called into question, but doubts were immediately put to rest when the YouTube video and Soundcloud was yanked from the internet due to copyright claims by Sony. Bieber also issued a series of tweets linking himself to Jackson. "He set the bar," tweeted Bieber along with a split image of himself and Jackson before enormous crowds. "MJ. The greatest of all time. #fact"

You be the judge. How do you feel about Bieber touching Jackson's song? Did he do it justice? Would you jam it or slam it?

QUESTION:How do you feel about Justin Bieber's Michael Jackson remake? I like it. He's no Michael Jackson but, it's catchy! 39% No, I'm disappointed. He should have never touched it. 47% I'm indifferent toward the song. 14% Total votes: 144