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Everyone has a personal story to tell, filled with reflections and admissions. Whose story do you want to read?

Derrick Bryson Taylor
Feb, 20, 2013

Whenever a celebrity releases a juicy memoir, it sends the Internet into a tizzy. Clive Davis' new book, The Soundtrack of My Life, is no exception. Inside, the music industry veteran and mogul admits to being bisexual, crying over Whitney Houston, turning down sex with Janis Joplin and butting heads with Kelly Clarkson, among other things.

Memoirs for the most part have always been revealing, and when an A-list celebrity finds the courage to share their story — unfiltered — it usually ends up being a great read filled with unknown tidbits about their personal and professional lives.

With so many die-hard music fans clamoring to get their hands on Clive Davis' story, we have to ask: Which major celebrity, tastemaker or influential figure do you wish would release a memoir sharing every pain-staking detail of their personal and professional lives?

Take our poll and explain your choice below.

QUESTION:Which influential figure do you want to release a memoir? Tyler Perry 20% Oprah Winfrey 41% Naomi Campbell 7% Michelle Obama 33% Total votes: 153