Elegant, worry-free hairstyles and expert advice for your big day.

As natural hairstyles continue to grow in popularity, many women are choosing to sport their textured tresses on their wedding day. Walking down the aisle in a glorious halo of curls sounds enticing, but as any naturalista can attest, natural hair can have a mind of its own. To avoid having your perfectly defined twist-out turn into a frizzy mass of kinks on your walk down the aisle, we gathered a few expert tips from Tamika Fletcher, owner of Natural Resources Salon in Houston.

Leave your hair woes behind and put full attention on your hubby-to-be with these elegant, worry-free natural styles for your big day.

Photos: Point and Click Photography
Makeup: Girlee Girl Makeup Artistry
Shoot Location: Hotel ICON
Wardrobe Styling: The Art of Fashion, Yolanda Alexander and Jai Jones